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Hey there, I'm Vanessa.

I am mom to three fantastic kiddos, T , B and Sweet P, and one pup Hamilton. I am a teacher by training and have worked in elementary schools, higher education and even the state department. 

I left my day job three years ago to be home with my kiddos and be my own boss. I continued to do research for the University of Connecticut and develop my Stella & Dot Business and have thrived as a mom who works from home and enjoys the accompanying flexibility.

I was newly single just shy of my tenth wedding anniversary. That was a banner year. But now we've added an asterisk to our anniversary number. We've reconciled. Looks like another banner year is on the horizon. As for this little place? I decided I had survived too much to not follow my dream of writing. That has not changed. At all.

My friends tell me I am a writer of dreams, disappointment and hilarity. They tell me I am the strongest person they know. They tell me I am an expert at facing challenging situations with grace, authenticity and humor. All this means is that I have great friends.

What I am is a snarky, funny, quick-witted, giving and loving person who wants to leave everywhere I go a bit better for me being there. Not such a tall order.